MR013 - Mr tickle - Citrus (Don’t get Lemon)

Freshest five track debut EP from Roska’s new signing, including a remix by Rinse FM’s DJ Shox.

With its tilting synthlines and shoulder-dropping drum patterns we could easily imagine the tart title track to slip into a Roska or DVA set, whereas ‘Grinding’ comes on techier with biting synths and crisply tucked drums. ‘Predator’ injects a bit of Dubstep bass wobble a la Fis-T over Afro-Latin drum shivers, and ‘Run The Style’ leans deeper into Altered Natives-style rhythm programming and arrangement.

The Shox remix of ‘Lemon’ features extra batt(er)y licking stabs and a killer stop/start, Dutch-House debted rhythm rearrangement for the dancers.