MR016 - J:Kenzo Presents Guttershake - Fibreoptickz EP

J:Kenzo returns to Kicks & Snares with three new selections under the Guttershake alias. After the success of Ruckus which gained positive play from all corners of the UK Bass spectrum, the Fibreoptickz EP continues on a similar vein with J:Kenzo switching the style from his usual dubstep output into something altogether more dancefloor orientated.

Opener ‘Fibreoptickz’ leads us in nicely, beginning with those trademark kicks and snares, then introducing a distorted and hypnotic synth line which continues throughout, creating a hypnotic balance with those drums. A one pitch bassline and some vocal grunts make up the rest of the elements of the track but though simple in construction, its the way in which the sounds are distorted that make the track addictive.

‘Let it Move’ starts off pure electro style with punchy drums and dirtier synths once again lending to the surprising nature of this labels output. Some funny vocal samples and whoops come in later and is a new look for Kenzo but he commands this sound like he’s been doing it for years. House, Acid and Electro are all noticeable influences here and this tune is bound to be pulled from some interesting record bags this summer.

Final tune ‘Tec Toy’ is a bit closer to Kenzo’s previous work yet he’s clearly been taking tips from label head Roska with some unexpected drum programming and vocal samples intertwining with one another to create a sinuous harmony that never loses its focus. Kicks & Snares once again coming up with the goods and keeping us on our toes!

Simon Kemp