Roska’s Kicks & Snares label has releases coming out left, right and centre, spanning the whole Funky rainbow and it’s home to some of the most consistent underground anthems and young, new artists in the game. What better way to continue it steady rise than with another release from the mysterious Tickles!

Carrying on from where he left off, Tickles brings four new rhythms to the fore which encapsulate the uncompromising funky sounds of his last EP ‘Citrus’. Drums tougher than iron and bass harder than rock are the only things that link all these beats together though as Tickles blends funky, dubstep and house into his own dance-floor destructive mould with each track differentiating from the last. You can tell Tickles wears his influences on his sleeve and has broad taste, yet with tracks that exude power like these, there’s no denying that soon artists will be copying his heavy, rhythmic compositions. The wide spectrum of sounds that this EP and all of the previous RKS releases draw upon encapsulates the burgeoning London scene at the moment, and from a city that never sleeps, this label is bound to give it’s followers restless nights for a long time to come