DJ Naughty comes correct on this new EP from Roska’s Kicks & Snares which is fast becoming the go to label for sounds which span the UK Bass spectrum whilst staying true to the Funky aesthetic.

Following the ragged ‘Goosebumps’ this EP seems intent on continuing Naughty’s manifesto of producing pure floor-damaging records. There’s an electro feel to the percussion which whilst owing to the past, sounds fresh as anything. This might have something to do with Naughty’s other use of electronics and synths which evolve throughout each tune. At one point you’ll hear some funky drum hits, other times you’ll hear interesting use of squelch synths and at one point even some straight up wobble (all used in the most sophisticated way of course). However the over-riding feature of all the tunes is the bass, which when utilised in the dance will be certain to cause some ruckus.’