RKS continues it’s breathless assault on the Funky scene with yet another release by a reasonably new yet already game-changing producer, DJ Champion. Reiss Hanson comes correct with a 3 track EP which is his third of the year and the seventh on Roska’s burgeoning label.

Champion’s trademark trembling bass-lines have made him a household name already at such an early point in his career and the bass is certainly in full effect across all three productions here. With an intent to rattle those subs, Champion switches from low rumbles to higher pitch shakes in order to keep heads nodding and feet moving. His bass-lines often command and wind through his funky drum programming, leading the compositions yet never being too over-bearing upon other elements within the tracks. With a nod to dubstep and garage, his lower frequencies astound, yet with an eye to the future the drums and overall production have one foot clearly through the the other side of the door. Yet again one more release that sums up the restless and forward thinking nature of today’s bass music scene.