MR021 - MA1 - Beyond The Sea

MA1 returns with his second solo release ‘Beyond The Sea‚Äô on Kicks & Snares after the commanding vocal anthem ‘Do It Better‚Äô. The order of the day here is yet another diverse and engaging look into the ever growing breadth of sounds that is exploding out of the Roska camp.

Across the four original productions we are treated to joyous lingering synth melodies syncopated with intermittent bass stabs,¬†a straight up tribal and r&b influenced vocal piece,¬†minimal drums and piercing sirens melded into a techno/funky workout and even a ‘crack house‚Äô influenced banger! Yet even though the variety is breathtaking, MA1 manages to command these electrifying acoustics with the greatest of ease and stomps his seal on each one. On remix duty, label-mate Tickles manages to take us on a sub-aquatic submarine adventure with an electrifying take on the title track featuring dizzying drum work and whirling bleeps. Shox remixes the aforementioned track too, this time with a more ravey and breathless feel yet still owing to the original‚Äôs pressurised groove. Once again Kicks & Snares continue to mutate with another punchy and multifarious turnout