Roska’s Kicks & Snares label delivers a tidy, vinyl-only, third installment of the Roska Allstars release. It brings us more of the same strong sounds and flavoursome movements from three stalwarts of the scene currently conquering tasteful UK dance floors.

Kicking things off is Champion’s ‘Selecta’ which is peppered with bad boy vocals and rude wheelbacks that serve the dance floor vibe well. But at the forefront of it all is Champion’s masterful use of bass which here serves as sturdy groundwork for a record which main hook switches from low rumbles to higher pitch shakes in order to keep heads nodding and feet moving. MA1′s ‘Bassbox’ continues the ecstatic vibe with an increasingly hyperactive and modulating synth which switches throughout the length of the record to dizzying degrees whilst the bass and drum claps keep it masterfully steady. Naughty polishes things off with ‘Unstoppable’, an equally rude funky workout. Starting off with vibes galore in the form of a crucial drum pattern which already gets the feet moving, the progression continues with added dramatic melodic intervals and a lightheaded and ecstatic high pitch tone which gradually moves on to darker territory later on.