MR023 - Shox - Battlestar EP

Those in tune to London’s number one grass-roots station Rinse FM will
have heard of Shox before, mainly due in part to his regular appearances
on the station as a DJ. But aside form his pinpoint selecting and grand
taste, the man has been busy this year carving a name for himself in the
production game, and what a year it has been for the man. After some
heavy releases on his own label as well as dropping two remixes for
Kicks & Snares, this is his first solo material on Roska’s constantly
evolving home of bass-heavy, funky mutations.
The ‘Battlestar’ EP treats us to four straight up 4/4 pounders with an
emphasis on deep growling bass and head nodding rhythms. Shox
handles every sound on show here with aplomb and all four are among
the strongest beats he has released upon the public. It really sounds as if
he has taken his vast experience as a radio DJ and utilised it within these
tracks as all take from the bass music continuum yet each contain an
inimitable style which is completely at home on Kicks & Snares.
Furthermore is the ease in which any of these selections can slip into a
set, which is testament to Shox’s musical fluency not only as a new
producer and DJ but as a lover of music.
Words By Simon Kemp